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Gregory Lewen, MD

About Dr. Gregory D. Lewen

Gregory D. Lewen, M.D. is a double Board-Certified Ophthalmologist who specializes in OculoPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as non-surgical cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Dr. Lewen’s surgical practice includes aesthetic, functional, and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and mid to upper face, along with additional cosmetic services such as laser resurfacing, peels, and injectables. OculoPlastic Surgery, also known as Oculofacial, or Eye Plastic Surgery, is a surgical sub-specialty of Ophthalmology that deals with the medical and surgical management of abnormalities of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, orbit (bony eye socket) and the surrounding areas of the face.

Dr. Lewen started his path in medicine after receiving his undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science from Cornell University in 1999. Dr. Lewen went on to attend Chicago Medical School where he graduated with honors in 2003. Dr. Lewen completed his residency at North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System Department of Ophthalmology in New York. He was the Chief Resident in his final year. Dr. Lewen continued his training with a double fellowship track to include both cosmetic and reconstructive OculoPlastic surgery. During Dr. Lewen’s time at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, one of the country’s largest and busiest trauma hospitals, he performed countless reconstructive surgery cases for emergency trauma patients. To include cosmetic OculoPlastic surgery, he also trained in the prestigious private practice of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons of Texas, LLC in aesthetic laser treatments and additional cosmetic surgical procedures.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, an Active Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Lewen’s passion and commitment to his patients is best illustrated by his limitless desire to pursue continuing education to bring the most current and comprehensive treatments into his practice. He received his second board certification with the American Board of Laser Surgery in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Laser Surgery in February 2011. Through his efforts and unwavering determination, Dr. Lewen strives to provide the highest level of care and customer service, while approaching his subspecialty with a vibrant and patient-focused vision.

Dr. Lewen has built a private practice where customer service and exceptional quality care are the primary focus. He believes in making individual people feel that their concerns are most important and forming personal relationships with every patient seen.

For more information visit www.lewencosmetic.com

Contact: 305-514-0631