Jose Valerio, MD

Dr. Jose E. Valerio is an Experienced Neurosurgeon with Fellowship training in Neurosurgical Oncology and Spine Surgery.

He has received multiple awards in the field of brain tumors including: The American Brain Tumor Association Young investigator Award, The Musella Foundation Award, and the Cleveland Clinic Clinical Research Award. He has published scientific papers in Nature, and multiple Neurosurgical Journals.

He trained and worked as a Staff Neurosurgeon at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio and Florida for 8 years, until 2013. He has joined the Miami Neurosurgical Institute as Medical Director, and now works at the most important hospitals in South Florida. Dr. Valerio is trained and experienced in radiosurgery utilizing both the CyberKnife and the Leksell Gamma Knife.

Dr. Valerio major interest is Neurosurgical Oncology, Endoscopic skull Base, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Spine Surgery and radiosurgery of the brain and spine.

His extensive experience in neurosurgical Oncology provides him the ability to conduct clinical trials and advanced therapies for glioblastoma, including 6 pillar Technique surgical treatment, Neuroblate Therapy (LASER Interstitial Thermo Therapy ), Novo TTF 100, the use of Fluorecense for tumor removal, intraoperative Ultrasound and intraoperative MRI neuronavigation for tumor removal and awake craniotomies.

He also has especial interest in new surgical spine techniques, like Arthroplasty, MISS spine surgery, Kyphoplasty, and spine tumor surgery.

Dr. Valerio’s interest to promote education led him to organize multiple scientific teaching programs. He is co-directing with Dr. Aldo Berti the Third Brain Tumor and Spine Symposium organized by the SLANC in Florida. This event is integrating the North American and Latin American Neurosurgical communities.

He is recognized and on the board of several Latin American and USA societies occupying multiple honorary positions such as Parliamentarian of the SLANC (Latin American Neurosurgical Society, USA and Canada), Counselor of the Brain Tumor Research Group from the State of Florida,
President of The young Neurosurgeon of The FLANC ( Federation of Latin American Neurosurgeons ), Secretary of the Tumor Section of The FLANC, and Member of the International Committee of the Tumor section for the AANS/CNS, WFNS, SNO.

Contact: 305-661-8288

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